NOTARY PUBLIC Covent Garden, London

notary public Covent Garden, London

Welcome to Notary Public Covent Garden

I am a Notary Public based in Covent Garden, London. I offer my services to clients throughout London, with offices in Central London and North London.

I offer appointments either at my office or at your place of business or home if that is more convenient.

I can provide a full range of notarial services from notarisation of documents, translation of documents in a foreign language, legalisation of documents and apostille.

Serving clients in:
Covent Garden, Holborn, West End of London, Westminster, South Bank, City of London and Central London

I provide a full range of notarial services from notarisation of documents, translation of documents in a foreign language, legalisation of documents and apostille.

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I serve both companies of all sizes and individual clients. Please contact me beforehand to obtain a quotation.

I am a member of the Notaries Society and I am also a qualified Solicitor.

Examples of Notary Services offered:

For authentication of company documents, UK diplomas and decree absolute (divorce papers), it is not necessary to make an appointment and attend my office. This can be done online. Please contact us for more details.
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What is a Power of Attorney?

This is a document that once you have executed it, it will confer power onto another person(s) to act on your behalf or for a company. Powers of Attorney are governed primarily by the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 and, in the case of companies, the Companies Act 2006.

Can a Notary give legal advice?

The job of a Notary is to prepare, certify, attest, and authenticate documents destined for international transactions. This public office comes with limitations and they cannot give partisan advice to clients. They must remain neutral and impartial. They will only advise on the formalities of the process.

They can act in non-contentious areas such as conveyancing and probate.

Solicitors acting as notaries do not typically advise clients on the documentations, and instead an independent lawyer is advised for legal advice.

What is Notary Authentication or Legislation?

This means the document is confirmed as originating where claimed, i.e. the notarised signature and seal are genuine. It normally means having a consulate stamp on the document from the relevant jurisdictional office.

The purpose is to show and or meet pan-jurisdictional requirements; namely, prove the document was signed as claimed.

Signatory countries to the Hague Convention have agreed to accept an Apostille instead, though this is not an absolute rule.

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What is an Apostille?

This is a certificate issued by the relevant authority. In the UK this is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It confirms the signature on the document is indeed by that person.  

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Notaries must be able to identify the client. Therefore, they require the following:

Please note that aside from identity, your notary must be satisfied you have the legal capacity and or understanding of the document(s) you require notarising.

They also must be satisfied as to lawful authority if signing on behalf of another party e.g. a limited company, Power of Attorney, etc.

Importantly, your notary will not attest documents unless they are completely satisfied that they have seen the originals and any signatures are genuine. Do not bring copies as opposed to originals.

If in any doubt as to what documents suffice and any other requisites, please feel free to ask at time of making an appointment.

What about corporate entities / charities etc.?

If you are to sign documentation on behalf of a charity, company, organisation, or incorporated body then your notary will require certain proofs.

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